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ARBIND EYE CARE & OPTICALS PVT. LTD. is located in Province-1. Ithari-12, Sunsari.

What does VISION THERAPY really mean ?

Vision therapy encompasses a series of techniques and it also includes Behavioral Vision Therapy aimed at improving the individual’s vision skills. Patients include children, adults, and older. Vision Therapy can be practised by a professional Orthopist or Optometrist in the hospital or at home. Methodologies or training approaches (exercises) are selected depending on the eye disorder of an individual. With vision Therapy, computerised and non computerised methodologies are used to correct vision problems. Filters, prisms, computer-assisted visual methodologies, lenses, metronomes, and balance boards are used.

Who can take the BENEFIT from the VISION THERAPY?

• Blurred vision: Person suffered from the blurred vision eye problem. It may be either in the distance or close up vision problem. Vision therapy is the best to rectify the blurred vision eye problems.
• Headaches: When a person is incapable of doing the close-up work, feel pain near the eyes, forehead, and back of the head, and then vision therapy is the best answer for these types of the patients.
• Double vision: Person suffering from the double vision eye problem. He views two of something when only one exists.
• Suppression: This suppression problem occurs when both of your eyes are used to see the objects. Sometimes, a brain block ignores the all or part of the objects. Vision therapy is used to avoid seeing double.
• Poor or erratic performance: In this eye problem, you will skip some lines of the reading, or left out some of the words. You will face difficulty in understanding what you have read .There may be a chance of the slow read. You may also face difficulty in doing sports, dropping the ball etc.
• Discomfort or fatigue: if you are suffering from body tension, stress and the pain in the eyes at the end of the day, then vision therapy is the suitable treatment for these kinds of the problems.

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